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Create DIY Faux Wrought Iron: Easy Guide

July 8, 2024
how to make faux wrought iron

Ever gazed at those beautiful wrought iron designs and wished they were in your home? But, the high cost and weight of real wrought iron often stop you. That’s where DIY faux wrought iron comes in.

Picture turning a simple space into one full of elegance with pieces that seem like they came from a blacksmith. Believe it, making faux iron decor is easier than you think. You don’t need big machinery or expert skills. I’ll guide you on how to make faux wrought iron decor with items like PVC pipe, craft foam, black cardstock, and special paint.

This guide shows you that making metal art at home can be rewarding and affordable. With just 4 key items and 5 easy steps, you can craft decor that looks like real wrought iron1. The best part is, these DIY methods are simple and let you add classic charm to your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to make faux wrought iron decor with 4 essential items and 5 detailed steps1.
  • Embrace DIY metal art techniques to add sophistication to your home without the heavy cost of real wrought iron.
  • Discover the ease of using accessible materials such as PVC pipe, craft foam, and black cardstock.
  • Create alluring faux iron decor pieces that replicate the beauty and elegance of traditional wrought iron.
  • Understand the value of specialized paint techniques in achieving a realistic faux wrought iron finish1.

Introduction to DIY Faux Wrought Iron

DIY faux wrought iron is a fun way to make your home look elegant without spending a lot. It uses materials that are easy to find and don’t cost much. This makes it perfect for both new and seasoned DIY fans to make their own wrought iron crafts.

What is Faux Wrought Iron?

Faux wrought iron is about making things look like real wrought iron but with cheaper materials like wood, foam, and plastic. You start by sticking things together with adhesives and then paint them black and brown for a metal look. To add more detail, you can use sharp knives and special bottles2. You can use many materials, including wood, cardboard, plastic, and even metal, making it great for many projects3.

Benefits of Faux Wrought Iron Decor

Using fake wrought iron in your home decor is very flexible. You can make everything from wall hangings to furniture look amazing. It’s also very budget-friendly, thanks to affordable supplies like craft paint and Mod Podge4. Plus, it’s much lighter than real wrought iron, so it’s easy to put up anywhere in your home3.

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Materials and Tools Needed for Faux Wrought Iron Projects

Making faux wrought iron projects is a mix of creativity and skill. You’ll need the right tools and materials to get that wrought iron look for your DIY projects.

Essential Tools

To begin your faux wrought iron projects, you’ll need tools for precision and ease:

  • 1×2 inch lumber pieces for horizontal fence sections5
  • 1/2 inch PVC pipe for creating the fence structure5
  • Pipe cutter to cut PVC pipes into four-foot sections5
  • 7/8th inch speed bore drill bit for drilling holes in wood5
  • 1-1/8th inch drywall screws to secure PVC pipes5
  • Craft foam for creating ornate finials (two foam pieces per finial)5
  • Paintbrushes of various sizes for detailed work

Recommended Materials

For a realistic faux wrought iron look, you’ll need certain materials:

  • Black exterior latex paint for the base coat, with added sand for texture5
  • Antique maple gel stain to accentuate rust effects5
  • Colors such as black, brown, red, and orange for dry brushing techniques5
  • Balsa wood strips (3/8″ X 10″) to create detailed faux iron furniture pieces6
  • 3/8″ strips cut from toilet paper or paper towel tubes for additional elements6
  • Laser-cut wooden decorations, Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over, Black Gesso, Joint Compound, Matte Medium2

With these tools and materials, your faux iron furniture and decor will look like the real thing. The faux aging techniques add to the charm and durability.

Getting these essentials is the first step to making beautiful faux wrought iron pieces. They can really improve your home decor.

faux wrought iron projects

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating DIY Faux Wrought Iron Fence

Building a DIY faux wrought iron fence takes careful planning and execution. Start with preparation and end with artistic touches. This guide will help you make a strong and good-looking fence.

Preparing the Structure

First, lay a solid base with PVC pipes and strong lumber. Dig holes 3 feet deep for the posts to go below the frost line. This makes the fence stable and prevents problems later7. Don’t forget to add about 10% more materials for waste and mistakes7.

Adding Decorative Elements

Next, add decorations to the basic structure. Use foam cutouts and glue them on to mimic wrought iron designs. This turns your fence into a beautiful *DIY metal art* piece. Add Classic Graphics Fairy images like Antique Fancy Leaves Frames and Iron Scrollwork for elegance8.

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Painting and Finishing Techniques

Apply a rust-inhibiting primer first to protect your fence from corrosion9. Then, use enamel or oil-based paints for a durable finish9. The process includes cleaning, sanding, priming, and painting for a lasting look9.

For a realistic look, paint with black latex and sand it for texture. Dry brushing can make it look rusted or aged. Use Distress Inks and Rust Paste for a more realistic faux wrought iron look8.

Keep your faux wrought iron fence looking great with regular maintenance. Check for chips or rust and paint as needed. With care, your fence will stay strong and beautiful.

In conclusion, making a faux wrought iron fence is a great way to add a personal touch to your outdoor space. It’s also a durable and artistic addition.

How to Make Faux Wrought Iron Paper Curling Art

Making faux wrought iron paper curling art is a great way to bring vintage elegance to your home. It combines creativity and precision to turn simple materials into beautiful displays. Start with one sheet of black cardstock8 and two Classic Graphics Fairy Images, like the Antique Fancy Leaves Frames and Iron Scrollwork8. These will be the main parts of your design.

First, score the black cardstock at 1/8-inch intervals and cut strips8. You can shape these strips into circles and scrolls to match the Iron Scrollwork Graphic8. For more variety, you can make some strips thicker by doubling or quadrupling them8. Use a spray adhesive8 to stick these curls and circles onto your scrollwork.

To make everything stick together, use a fluid adhesive8. For an old look, add rust paste for a rustic feel8. Then, use Metallic Highlighting Gel for a shiny effect8. You can also cut out shapes like a heart from leftover cardstock and make it look real with Vintage Photo Distress Ink8.

Finally, attach your faux wrought iron to a canvas with Heavy Gel Medium8. Add metallic highlights for a final touch8. This method makes your DIY wrought iron look detailed and like real wrought iron art. It combines rustic and elegant styles perfectly.


What materials do I need to create faux wrought iron decor?

You’ll need PVC pipe, 1×2 inch lumber, craft foam, black cardstock, and black latex paint. Also, get metallic paints, sand, and paintbrushes. These items help make your faux iron look real and strong.

Can beginners make faux wrought iron crafts?

Absolutely, beginners can make faux wrought iron crafts. It’s easy with the right materials. It’s perfect for both new DIYers and experienced crafters.

How do I paint faux wrought iron to look realistic?

Begin with a base of black latex paint mixed with sand for texture. Then, use dry brushing with metallic paints like silver or bronze. This adds depth and aging effects. For an aged look, try using metallic highlighting gel.

What are the benefits of using faux wrought iron instead of real wrought iron?

Faux wrought iron is cheaper, lighter, and more flexible in design. It lets you craft intricate designs without the high cost or difficulty of real wrought iron.

How should I prepare the structure for a faux wrought iron fence?

Start by gathering 1×2 inch lumber and PVC pipe. Cut and assemble the framework with a pipe cutter and speed bore drill bit. Secure it all with screws for a strong base.

What techniques can I use to add decorative elements to faux wrought iron projects?

Use craft foam, shape it, and glue it on for decorative elements. For intricate designs, try paper curling with black cardstock. You’ll need adhesive and precise cutting tools for this.

How can I make faux wrought iron paper curling art?

Cut black cardstock into strips and shape them into curls and scrolls. Glue these onto a canvas, layering them for depth. Finish with faux rust paste and metallic gel for an antique look.

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